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March 9, 2014 The Man Cave Store is currently in development. Please check back soon to see our full launch.

Welcome to The Man Cave & Cigar Shop! It's been a long strange trip, but we're back but on a much bigger scale here on Planet Earth.

As many of you are familiar with our lines of Man Cave-labeled products (logo-labeled T-shirts, mugs and the like), feel free to send your orders by email to:

Online shopping from your favorite Groove Merchant/Tobacconist! We know it's a bummer there are no physical locations any more, but did we mention what a long strange trip it's been? Check out the new virtual shop and make sure you seek out the new stuff that's been made just for you, a genuine Spelunker of The Man Cave & Cigar Shop.

Know that we still appreciate all of our awesome followers. This website is for you and we are humbled by your support! Watch for our new site coming March 2014!

The Man Cave Store